How to Stay Warm Outside

With the weather cooling down to single digits and below to sub zero, wrapping up warm is essential. Resembling a yeti when traipsing into the office isn’t going to win you fashion points, nor is it going to have you taken seriously. So what to do when it gets really cold? Read on for a few ideas on how to stay warm outside:

  1. Stay warm, stay dry. This may sound obvious – who in their right mind is going to go outside on a freezing cold day and get deliberately wet? But it is easier done than you might think. Yomping energetically is going to have you sweating buckets in no time, especially if you are dressed up to the nines. To avoid getting hot and sweaty and then cold and wet, layer your clothing appropriately. Start with a synthetic base layer that wicks the moisture away from your skin, then don a layer that provides insulation. Pick something lightweight and easy to wear underneath your normal office garb. You want to stay toasty without being uncomfortable. Remember not to choose a cotton layer as your base layer: it doesn’t dry quickly and it can start to smell when it gets sweaty.                     coffee-stay-warm
  1. Keep your core warm. When people suffer with frostbite it is the body’s way of dealing with the excessive cold. Your fingers and toes are nothing compared to your internal organs. The body’s regular temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and hypothermia will occur when it goes below 95. Don’t try and keep your whole body warm, just work on keeping your core warm.
  1. . Just because a University of Michigan professor claims to debunk the myth that 70% of a person’s bWear a hatody heat escapes through the top of their head, doesn’t mean you want to forgo that warm hat altogether. Anything you can put on that will keep you warm and covered up is a must.                                                                                                                         dfrow-blog-how-to-wear-a-hat-for-your-face-shape-oblong
  1. Pick mittens over gloves. As above, remember to keep your core warm, but anything you can do to keep the rest of you warm is going to aid the core. Pick mittens as they allow your fingers to cluster together and use each other for warmth. Gloves separate the fingers and make each one work harder to keep it warm.
  1. Drink. It might sound counter-intuitive to drink cold water when you are already cold, but your body needs water to help it retain body heat. The more liquid you have in your body the easier it is to stay warm!