The Top Rated Cool, Badass Welding Helmets

I have on several occasions come across certain young people going about their welding job without a helmet and have wondered if they really know what risk they are subjecting themselves into. They risk losing their eyesight and without the eyesight they would actually not do the job. At one time I stepped far aside and watched them do the welding because I noticed that passersby would not dare watch directly when at close range. In fact when they reach near the welding field they would turn and look the opposite side to avoid the sparks from getting into their eyes and also to avoid the very bright light from harming their eyesight.

If passersby would dare take that precaution why wouldn’t these young welders care about the risk involved? Is the question that kept lingering in my mind. The safety regulations of any country dictate that every welder should wear a quality welding helmet while doing their job of welding. Welding without a helmet means that more than risking your eyesight you may go headlock with the authority and that may mean a heavy fine being imposed on you or worse still spending some months or years in prison.

Which is the best welding helmet?

Welding helmet come in many varieties. There are some which are cheap, other which are not very expensive and other expensive ones. Some have a very dark window through which you cannot see and you keep on lowering it to see the part you want to cut and put it on when done and others have a window you can see through and so you don’t have to keep lowering the. Some are heavy and others are not. The criteria of choosing the good welding helmet differ from one person to the other.

If for instance, you don’t often do the welding and you occasionally do it at home when need arises, then you need a cheap welding helmet and I don’t think you mind a heavyweight because you will put it one for just a short while then when you are done you remove it. If welding is what you do for a living, then I think you need a lightweight one because it can be cumbersome to put on a heavy welding helmet all day long, you will feel very tired at the end of the day. You need a high quality one made of durable material. You need a welding helmet with a transparent window.

Let us now look at some of the models available in the market, their pros and cons. Don’t forget to visit for the best welding helmets for beginners and experts.

Miller digital elite

This is a high quality welding helmet and is best for those people who do welding as a source of income. It is expensive compared to other models.


Its window area is big and that means one can be able to view a large part of the work. You don’t have to strain making movement as you try to view the place you want to cut.

It has adjustment settings. This is important because different types of welding and grinding require different amount of light.

When you want to check the work without the helmet, you don’t have to remove it because it has a provision where the standby position locks up.

It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear throughout the day.

After you have bought it you may not think of buying its spares for a long time because it comes with batteries, a holder for magnifying lens, many cover lenses and a bag.

The manufacturer gives a warranty of three years from the day you buy it.


It’s quite expensive

Lincoln Viking


Has a 4C lens technology which gives it more clarity than most of the other models, this means that you just see as clearly as you would with sunglasses. This enables to do welders to do their welding better.

It is adjustable. This means you can adjust the delay time and the kind of light required. You can also just when the heat is too much.

It is made in such a way that it covers not only the eyes like some other model but the entire head giving it a reassuring feeling.


It is quite expensive and therefore not many people can afford it.

Jaskson Insight


The price is very friendly to both the beginners or students and the professional

The quality is equally good and meets all the standard requirement of a good welding helmet.

It uses 4 sensors for light adjustment, this means where there is need it produces a shade of tint.

The control pad is easy to use because it has readable buttons.

The window has a wider field as compared to the other models of the same price.

It is more comfortable as compared to other models of the same price.

It is lightweight.


It is made of plastic and therefore can break if not handled carefully.

Miller classic


Both the sensitivity and the delay time can be adjusted.

It has a wide viewing window enabling you see a wide range of your work

Miller classic has an automatic-shutoff which assists in saving the power in the batteries.

It is an auto darkening unit that is very light. This means you can work in different positions.

It is considerably cheap.

It comes with a few lenses and a manual book to help the students.


Compared to its quality and features the price is not very friendly.

It is hard to make adjustments because the knobs are on the inside.



It is very cheap as compared to other auto-darkening ones

It has a wide viewing window.

It switches very fast from light to dark as compared to some other models.

It is very adaptive. That means it pick up changes in light very fast.

The sensitivity of the light can be adjusted depending on the kind of work you are doing.

It comes with a one year warranty.


It only work well from the inside because the daylight overwhelm the sensor.

It is made of poor quality material and therefore it does not last for long as compared to some other models.

Sometimes the auto-darkening fails to come out.

Not good for TIG applications.



It is very cheap and therefore pocket friendly for the students.

It is simple and has no adjustments to make.

It is good in working in squeezed spaces because it is very slim.

Unlike other models most people like working with this model because even if it breaks the cost of replacing it is low.

It can be modified easily because there are many available accessories in the market.


Its quality is very low.